Can I Get a Personal Loan with a Credit Score of 575?

Getting a personal loan with a low credit score can be challenging but it is still possible. Learn how to improve your chances of getting approved.

Can I Get a Personal Loan with a Credit Score of 575?

Getting a personal loan with a credit score of 575 can be challenging, but it is still possible. The minimum credit score required for a personal loan with no opening fee and no collateral requirement is 660, which is considered fair credit. To get the best personal loan rates, borrowers will need good credit or excellent credit (a credit score of 700 or higher). However, some lenders are willing to work with borrowers who have a credit score of 550 or less.

For example, the minimum credit score required for an Avant personal loan is 550, and OneMain Financial does not require any minimum credit score. Because borrowers with lower credit scores are statistically more likely to not pay, lenders often charge higher rates to these borrowers to limit their risk. You may find it difficult to get approved for a personal loan with poor credit scores, but it is still possible if you take a few simple steps to improve your score and shop around with multiple lenders. Getting an auto loan when you have a low credit score may seem like a stretch, but this type of loan may be easier for borrowers with credit problems to obtain.

Depending on the situation, you may want to look for alternative forms of financing or work to improve your credit before you apply. They also offer free credit score monitoring, educational tools, and personalized recommendations to help you build your credit. The loan application is analyzed to determine if there are enough positive factors to overcome a low credit score. Since having good credit could mean a lower personal loan rate, it might be helpful to build your credit before you apply for a personal loan.

Accepting a payoff loan comes with a membership that grants you access to free FICO score updates, a team that conducts quarterly checks with you during your first year of working with Payoff, and tools to help members improve their relationship with money through personality assessments, stress and cash flow. You can also log into your Experian account to use the Experian CreditMatchTM tool and quickly see if you are pre-qualified for personal loan offers from Experian partners. This is a great way to get a good interest rate and an attractive loan term, even if your credit score for a personal loan is low. The minimum credit score required for a personal loan can get you in the door, but people with higher credit scores tend to have better loan options. In addition, the LendingTree website has resources and information designed to optimize your search for the right mortgage loan.

Instead of applying to multiple lenders or banks, a simple application through the online lending marketplace LendingTree gets your loan application reaching dozens of lenders. The actions you take in the future will determine which direction your credit score goes from here. Your credit files are used to compile a credit score, which is a number that attempts to define the risk you would have as a borrower. In addition, Upgrade offers free credit monitoring and educational resources that could be useful in building your credit.